Stated Income Commercial Real Estate

stated-incomeConsider a Stated Income Loan for Your Next Real Estate Venture

The next time you need funding, but would rather avoid the hassle associated with acquiring a traditional loan, you may want to consider a stated income commercial real estate loan. Instead of merely considering your credit history, at Empower Funding Group, when you turn to us to obtain one of these loans, we will take the actual piece of real estate into account. Not only is the qualification process for these loans simplified, but we do not need nearly as many documents from you to provide you with approval. As a result, you are able to acquire the funding as quickly as possible.

Ways to Use the Capital

If you are approved for a stated income loan, there are several different ways you can use the capital. However, we suggest using it to:

  • Consolidate your debts – if you would like to save money, consolidating your debts may be a good thing to do. Whether you have an extensive amount of debt or you need to provide payment to the IRS, going forward with debt consolidation can help you establish greater peace of mind.
  • Purchase new property – if you need capital to buy an ideal investment property, we can help you obtain the capital you need to make the purchase.
  • Make improvements to your property – you realize that when you need to do renovations, you also need capital. A stated income loan can help you obtain the capital you need to move forward with needed renovations.
  • Refinance a mortgage – even if you have a loan with an adjustable rate or a balloon mortgage, we can provide you with funding options that have constant terms.

Additionally, if you need working capital, a stated income loan may be a good way to go. This way, you can meet your business’ expense needs, whether you want to buy inventory in bulk to take advantage of a discount or enhance your cash flow operations as you wait for your clients to pay you. 

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