Merchant Cash Advance

merchant-cash-advancesConsider a Merchant Cash Advance Instead of a Small Business Loan

When you need financing, taking the time to go into a lender and acquire a small business loan can be a frustrating process. The next time you need a loan, at Empower Funding Group, we strongly recommend taking advantage of our merchant cash advance program. This program allows your business to use the funds you acquire against any credit card sales completed at your location. Plus, for every location that you run, we can give you a cash advance worth up to $200,000.

The Benefits of Our Program

If you are still considering whether you should participate in this financing program, there are many reasons why you should do so. These include the following:

  • We do not require you to provide us with closing costs when you acquire the loan.
  • The application process is free.
  • You do not have to make fixed payments throughout the life of the advance.
  • When you work with us, we will tailor a financing plan that accounts for your specific needs.

Additionally, your company is not forced to lose any equity when you participate in our merchant cash advance program. We also make sure that providing us with repayment on the advance is simple due to the many payment options we have in place.

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