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franchise-financingGrow Your Franchise With Our Funding Solutions

In order to keep your operations running smoothly, your franchise needs consistent capital. If you are ready to ensure the success of your franchise and take things to the next level, turn to us at Empower Funding Group to explore our franchise financing solutions. 

Why Our Program Is Beneficial

Our funding options can help you build new locations, purchase new real estate or equipment, acquire an entirely new franchise, refinance some of your locations, or remodel one of the locations you currently have open. After taking into account your specific objectives, we will devise a financing plan that meets these needs. Additionally, we will also:

  • Make sure that the pre-qualification process is as efficient as possible
  • Provide you with guidance throughout the duration of the funding process
  • Set you up with a team of qualified financial professionals who care about your franchise’s success
  • Provide you with a competitive interest rate on your loan
  • Introduce you to solutions for extended or permanent financing

At Empower Funding Group, our main goal is to make sure that your franchise’s specific funding needs are met without wasting any of your valuable time. 

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We can help you obtain the capital you need to ensure the success of your franchise and expand your operations. Reach out to us today to find out more about how we will do this and why our financing solutions stand out.

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