Equipment Leasing

equipment-financingSolidify Your Business’ Success With Our Equipment Financing Options

At Empower Funding Group, we take pride in the fact that we are able to finance nearly any type of business equipment. If you decide that you would like to fund all, or a portion, of your company’s equipment, we can let you know whether your application is approved within 24 hours. Please keep in mind, however, that we are only willing to finance the equipment of companies that have been in business for at least two years.

Types of Leases We Offer

In order to better meet the specific needs of our clients, we offer several different equipment financing programs and each is associated with different benefits. For example, if you just started your business, you may have a hard time acquiring capital through a traditional lending institution. To combat this, our startup program can finance your company’s equipment so that you acquire the capital you need to keep your operations up and running.

Some of the other equipment financing programs we have to offer include our sale and lease back program, government and municipal leasing program, and B,C, and D credits. Regardless of which program you take advantage of, we offer several different payment structures. 

Why You Should Consider Equipment Leasing

From small, family-run businesses to Fortunate 500 companies, most businesses in the U.S. lease at least some portion of their equipment. We strongly recommend leasing some of your business’ equipment because doing so is associated with many benefits, which include:

  • The ability to use your company’s lines of credit for other purposes
  • Certain accounting and tax advantages that can help your company save money
  • Low monthly payments
  • Fixed payments throughout the entire duration of your equipment lease
  • The ability to avoid having all of your company’s capital tied up in equipment

To determine if financing your equipment is a beneficial option for your operations, contact us at Empower Funding Group. We look forward to hearing from you and to contributing to your company’s financial success with our solutions.

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